Stephanie Saunders

Advanced Web Development and Programming

Hello There

My name is Stephanie Saunders and I am currently a student at Oulton College for Advanced Web Development and Programming.

With a creative mind, I like to tackle everything to the fullest. Whenever there is a chance to meet new people, help someone out or learn something new in the industry, I am always interested in participating.

  • Student Council

  • During my time at Oulton College, I became a member of student council. One of my many responsibilities is to make and update a student newsletter. I also volunteer my time to help set up for school events and activities.

  • GradsFinder

  • A opportunity has come up for me to explore my skills in the form of an internship. I will be helping develop a website for the startup project called GradsFinder and I have been working with them since November 28, 2016.
  • Startup Weekend

  • At Startup Weekend, I pitched and helped develop an idea for a start up business. This required collaborating with my team, talking with potential customers, and presenting the idea to a panel of judges. This experience has led me to volunteer my time to help with the next upcoming event.

  • Creative Outlets

  • Along with my school work, I like to grab a camera and take photos. Whether it be the weather or a decaying building, I enjoy finding the beauty in the world around me.


Throughout the school year, I created many different websites to learn and practice my skills.

Below is my resume and a few highlights of the projects I have worked on!


Above is a printable version of my resume. It includes skills, experiences, education and languages I can speak, write, and program with.



A site that was made in class as a group assignment. Each team member added their own flair to the apocalypse survival site.


ADVP Web Study

ADVP Web Study was an exsiting and challenging project that I work on. It contains a library of all the MySQL demos that where used in the Advanced Web Development MySQL course at Oulton College.


Data Modeling

This Data Modeling site was a group project built in bootstrap. It contains questions and answers to use as a refresher on data modeling.


Button Maker

When you are learning a new technology, you have to start small. This is a simple project to practice javescript that I started at a Moncton User Group hackathon.

Web Development and Programming

I have acquired knowledge and skills in these languages through study and work.


Data Modeling

SQL Server

PHP and My SQL

Java Programming

Android Mobile